Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Beach or Bust!

 We always look forward to our week with the cuzzies and a very laid back, low key vacation with MIMI, PawPaw and the Halls!! We went back to the same beach house we had last year in Galveston and it was great!

PawPaw getting his flag out on the first day with some helpers. 

We eat most of our meals at home and take turns cooking. I did brisket tacos and banana pudding for dessert. Not a bucket of sand, but good 'ol Nana Puddin' with some gummy lifesavers that were supposed to look like swim tubes.

Lots of dancing and playing out of the deck.
Little B was crashed on Daddy's lap for a nap.

Oh Galveston and your lovely muddy water! Ha! We don't mind and the kids sure don't mind!

G chasing the birds.

The tide was low for most of the week which made for safe and easy playing in the shallow water.
The boys did this most of the week.
AL is quite the water bug and loves the beach especially big wave jumping with Daddy.

The biggest kitchen island you have ever seen that makes for a great eating area for the cuzzies. (We can tear up a kitchen real fast!)
One day the wind completely stopped and caused a horrible mosquito problem! No ocean and no pool for us! We headed to see the movie "Brave" instead.

B slept throw the whole thing and everyone else loved the movie!

Our great friends, the Ross' and Johnsons were in Galveston at the same time! So fun to go over to their condo for a day of fun with friends! They had wonderful pools for little ones that A&G loved!!
David, Cooper and G
Ryann, G, Campbell and Julie checking on B sweating his little brains out but sleeping away while we swam.

Mr. and Mrs. Ross are the ultimate party hosts even on vacation! They cooked up yummy burgers and got the kids some Mickey D's! We enjoyed their plethora of toys, snacks and fun!!!

The girls curling up for a movie.
Mrs. Ross always has something cool up her sleeve. AL loved the beautiful hair extensions and got to bring them home. Thanks Mrs. R! ;)

My sweet Julie and B crashed out.

Back at the beach with a little hip action. Excuse me AL, where did you learn that?!
Uncle Mike and Aunt Kim
We spent a day at the pool close by.

MIMI got everyone smoothies, aka liquid snow cones:).
Lunch at the pool.
My favorite 4 movie watching.
Fun Daddy/Uncle Dave did a little cheer before going to the beach each day.

Mimi and G

The last morning was breakfast of champions, powdered donuts!
7 Hall Cousins!

sweet girls that had the best time together!

One last time to feed the birds.
Thank you M&P for a another great week at the beach!! We love you and thank you for blessing us in so many ways!!

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Ashley said...

pretty sure Anna Lou learned the hip action from Shae ;) too cute!