Sunday, June 17, 2012

Daddy Does Cali!

Dave's good buddy from high school and college, Pete, got married in Santa Rosa, California last weekend. I would have loved to celebrate Pete and Amy, but with a 5 week old and two other little monsters, it just wasn't possible. MIMI came in town to help me out and spend some time with us. We took some pics to send to Daddy throughout the weekend. 

This was the first night heading to bed. They really wanted to show Daddy what books we were going to read that night. Nice hat, AL!
The second night was a whole new adventure! Our AC went out!!! It was H-O-T! We had it checked out and had to have it replaced:( but was going to take several hours. So we headed to Honey and Papa's house. Honey and Papa were out of town, but we made ourselves at home and took over the place!

Again, heading to bed and showing our books.
I had packed quickly and headed out of our HOT house and forgot to pack swimsuits. So, we WT'd it!!

Boone was going with the flow! This boy likes to be swaddled and I found an awkward way of strapping him Honey's bouncy seat.
Meanwhile, Daddy was roughing it in Cali! Ha! 
He sent me these pics from his phone.

He even got to go to the Ranger came in San Fran! Awesome!!
After a quick trip, Daddy was back home and we were all back to our COOL house! So thankful MIMI was here for the chaos and so thankful Daddy could get a little vacay with his buddies.

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