Friday, February 28, 2014

More snow in Midland and snow in Ruidoso...

(I am several weeks behind blogging, and trying to play catch up.)

We had a winter storm blow through west Texas a few weeks ago and it left us with a  little snow. These are all phone pics and a little blurry. Daddy and AL were headed off to school.

 B wanted to eat it, but that's about it.

 Random pic of the maniac.

Sweet Graham had a rough go with a bad ear infection the next day.

A couple of days later, we headed to Ruidoso for the weekend. We went to Permian to pick up Daddy on our way and watched the end of track practice.  The kids created their own fun in the dome.

 B could not stop staring at the the boys working out.
 That night we drove to Ruidoso. AL was up most of the night with a high fever that wouldn't go away, so she and I headed to the dr the next day. We always see lots of deer and this one was trotting down a busy road.
 AL bounced back after some meds and we enjoy the rest of our Saturday. I did a little shopping and the rest of them ended up at a candy store. 

We've been eating at Farley's since I was little and the kids love because the great quarter eating games.

 It had snowed a few days before and we got to enjoy it. 
 Our little frosty.

 We always eat good in Ruidoso and Cafe Rio pizza was awesome!
 crazy reds!
  movie watching being interrupted.

 The cabin looked so pretty with a little dusting of snow.
 We always get breakfast at Chef Lupe and stopped on our way out of town on Sunday. We love us some breakfast burritos and have tried many! But Chef Lupe is the BEST!
 Boone ended the weekend with a little fever on the way home. 
Even with a little sickness, it was wonderful, relaxing weekend for us 5!

Sunday, February 2, 2014


Brooke and I took our 6 kids to Rosa's and we all survived.

 Daddy went hunting with Uncle Mike and Papa Mike for 4 days. 4 days! Whew! So happy Daddy could have his man time but we were READY for him to come home! He only does this once a year and he DESERVES it! It reminded me of last spring when he was gone every week to Odessa and we were back home, and I do not know how we did that! Never again, I hope! We tried to stay busy.
Chick-fil-a, of course was a good place for dinner.
 Some static hair!

 Boone is becoming quite the "liner upper."
 Thankful he was trying to help me clean, just a little mixed up with his cleaning tools.
 Movie Night with the Minions and pizza.

 The littlest crazy kid still won't watch tv and moves from place to place around the living room.
 kindergarten is exhausting!
 donuts on Saturday morning. 

 Stopped at Burger King play area. We didn't last long. 
 Finally, the weather was warm enough to go to the park. 
Sweet thing bringing me flowers.

 This was Graham's reaction when I told him we were having Movie Night again! :)

 And that we did!

We've been singing along to the "Frozen" music for a few weeks! Boone wanted a cape, too.
More "Frozen" sing along! They were belting out some "Let It Go" when Graham asked Anna, "What are we letting go of?"

I took the boys to the story time at the library. Boone really wanted in that chair.

 We went to an open gym at a gymnastics place and the boys loved it.

 Yay for 70 degree temps!
 We had a Mexican food take-out and S'mores by the fire.

 Thankful she loves to play with him.
And a day after the 70 degree temps, the snow came! It looked like a blizzard driving to church. It wasn't sticking much to the road since it had been so warm the day before. 
 You can't tell from the pic, but it was pouring snow.
 When we got home, we bundled up and headed out for 20 minutes of freezing cold fun.

Those are some happenins lately in the Hall house.