Saturday, January 25, 2014

Honey and Papa visit, the banquet and randoms...

We were all so excited for Honey and Papa to come visit! They delivered our Christmas gifts that wouldn't fit on the airplane, and they were going to keep the kids while we went to the Permian Football Banquet. 

Honey treated the ladies to manis and pedis.

The hand and the chair are both a little creepy.

Honey brought the stuff to make gingerbread cookies.
These next few are out of order. I am pretty sure I didn't do this in kindergarten. Thankful for a wonderful teacher!
The lame-o play area at the mall.
Watching Frozen on the computer. Boone didn't really watch, just bugged the bigs.
Dickey's bbq and some dessert.

Daddy and Papa had to put the goal back together which was quite a chore.

Saturday night we headed off to the football banquet, which is quite the event for the Panthers!!
The Panther Booster Club does it up FAN-CY!! Oh my! The seniors wear tuxes, the girls were full on prom dresses, they spend bookoos and it is THE EVENT of the year for PHS! Who knew?!! 

Dallas Cowboy, Roy Williams, who also was a Permain Panther, was the speaker. This was my sneaky pic from the table. We sat on the stage under some big lights, so I had to be discreet. 
Each varsity player is announced along with their date. They walked down this long carpet while their stats are read. It really was pretty cool and SUCH a big deal. It's one of the many things that has never changed at Permian. Tradition runs deep here!

This is where the varsity players were announced. Dave had to help the dates walk down the stairs and not trip on their dresses. I giggled each time.

How about a panther ice sculpture?!
It really was a fun night and obviously a big night for the Panthers. Thankful that Honey and Papa were here to keep the kids! So thankful they made the long drive to bring all of our Christmas loot. Unfortunately, our weekend with Honey and Papa was cut short when Papa started feeling bad. They had to head home a day early. :( boo! 

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Randoms, the Rodeo and a Tea Party...

We celebrated back to school with some yogurt.

 We've spent lots of time at the park.
 We went to the Odessa Rodeo with our friends, the Schlaffers. Anna and Graham think the world of Thayne.

 The boys loved it!
 G loved the snacks too.

 It got a little late, but she loved it too.
 This guy was funny and a little bit strange!

 Our church had a tea party for little girls and their daddies.  Anna chose to wear her boots! West Texas is gettin' to her:)!

 She came home with all sorts of goodies and talked and talked about it!
 He was putting away a tortilla at Rosa's. We all like to do that. 

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Watkins Week...

The Christmas celebrations continued with Honey, Papa and the Junods. When you with the Big 12, your table centerpiece looks like this.   

Honey prepared a beautiful meal but somehow the glass pan full of dressing shattered as soon as it came out of the oven. Don't worry! We saved the dressing! 

Opening presents...

 H&P gave the big cousins money for Pine Cove Base Camp!
 Sweet Townley was there too, just taking in all the chaos.

Lots of outdoor play when there is 7 kids 7 and under. (I was a tad out of breath after a few spins of this.)
Papa and Daddy had a helper putting our basketball goal together.
 lots of phone pics of fun moments...

 He digs the queso!
 Serious lights! It's All About Jesus!

 One on one with a cheering crowd.
 Late one night these girlies asked Honey to make a chocolate cake, so she whipped on out. Spoiled rotten!
 Every kid in the background is on an electronic. Lordy!
 Wendi and I took the kids to see Julie and her cuties, Cooper and Campbell.
 Campbell couldn't get enough of T. She brought her some of her toys to share. Sweet thing!
 Loved seeing Julie and her sweet kids!!

Somehow kids just end up in Papa's lap.
New Years Eve we also celebrated Nick's birthday at Babe's. 
 A little "Hokey Pokey."
 Chicken Dance with the birthday boy.
 Honey and Papa and their crew.

I guess Boone was already in bed, but we rang in the new year around 8pm with these crazies.

The kids always want to plant a donut tree! They go with Papa in the woods to find big stick to "plant" in the back yard. They put cheerios "seeds" on the branches at night and in the morning the donuts have "grown." 

 One day the men took the kids to the farm to see Papa Mike and his horses. 

We cheered on the Bears in the Fiesta Bowl, but I guess we weren't loud enough. :( Poor Bears!

These three are so shy. ;)

We had such a fun week with all 13 of us!! Thank you Honey and Papa for always being such gracious hosts! I bet they were worn out by the time we left!!

Then it was time to pack up and head back to Midland. Boone was looking sleepy on take off!
 And...he's gone.
 Waiting for our 7 suitcases.
 B wanted to go straight to the swing when we got home.
We were so blessed by the two weeks we had with our friends and family. We felt refreshed and filled up by spending such quality time with our incredible family.  But,  it was good to be back to our little  home sweet home.