Sunday, January 5, 2014

First flight and Christmas in Houston...

This was the first flight for the kids that they can remember. They were very excited to get on the plane and head to Houston for Christmas with Mimi and PawPaw. 

We started off with a hour and half delay:(. 

Had a delicious airport lunch;).
 Lots of waiting, but lots of planes out the window to entertain.
 Finally, time to board.
 Boone crashed on takeoff. Thank you Lord!
 Sweaty head slept the entire time, even during the extra 20 minutes circling waiting to land. 
 These two loved it!
Saturday night we were with the Halls (minus Aubrey who was out of town) and Mimi and PawPaw. Mimi got them cute matching pi's!
 Gifts galore.

 The girls with their new purses from Mimi.

 Graham's remote control Dusty was a hit!
 Hall kids minus Aubrey.

The next morning, we were off to Mimi's church. blurry phone pics.
Someone won't stand still very long.

 Sunday night we gathered with the Halls and the Chenoweths.
Starting off with the advent candles.

 We have 26 in the family! This was the younger kids table.
  Mimi's garage with the food. Mine looks similar ;).

 Aunt Kim sharing her dessert with B.

The little cousins pass out the gifts.

 The next day, Anna playing with one of her new gifts, a sticker maker.
We loved spending time with our Houston family on our first Christmas stop!! Next stop, Dallas!

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