Monday, January 6, 2014

Christmas morning...

Christmas morning it was the five of us and Honey and Papa. The Junods were joining us on the 26th. 

Those reindeer must have been hungry! "It's gone!" 
 So many smiles from this guy checking it out.

 Looked over to see this guy with something in his mouth.
 How 'bout some of Santa's leftovers.

 We had to try out the Easy Bake Oven right away!

 Facetiming with the Junods in Houston.

 Graham got so excited with each gift, especially this Dusty from his sister!

 Delicious treats from the cook.
 This Flutterbye Fairy was so fun! Somehow it is still alive.
Their big gift from us was a basketball goal.
 Woohoo for B-ball! 
Such a sweet time with our family!

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