Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Recent Randoms...

A few recent I-Phone pics...

Anna and her pumpkin from the Pumpkin Extravaganza at school. Allie and Anna with the Lion at the game.
We bring our entertainment to the football games.

It was our turn to bring snacks for Anna's class so we made this turkey. Honey made a similar one a few years ago and there are lots of ideas for this on the internet.

We sure are enjoying having Daddy home on the weekends. Last weekend he got out his old tent and everyone had a little fun in the backyard.

We celebrated our sweet Great Aunt Rosie's 85th Birthday!

Sunday, November 13, 2011


...Party of FIVE! Coming May 6th, 2012!! We are so excited for the blessing of Baby Hall #3 coming this spring!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Who Knew? He's Already Two!

I know every mama says it, but I really cannot believe Graham is two! What a quick two years full of change, growth and development.

Some things about you as you enter your big third year...

  • You are huge! Weight-31.4lbs (85%), Height-36 1/2in (95%) He grew 3 inches in the last 6 months! He has lost some of that baby chub and looking more like a little boy! Kind of sad for his mama.

  • Loves trucks, trains, balls, bats, books, dirt and anything outside.

  • Loves Mama's lap which makes her very happy! Said multiple times a day "Mama, dap please."

  • Loves and listens to sister most of the time. Anna is into "teaching" G lately with phrases like "A says Ah...Ah, Ah, Ah." "Graham, now it's time for us to go play kitchen in my room." Most of the time he does what she says:) We are working on letting him decide if wants to do something or not.

  • Tries to do exactly what sister is doing, Pete and Re-Pete around here. And say what she says which comes out funny sometimes.

  • Pretty good eater most of the time. Loves fruit, cheese, pbj, chicken nuggets covered in ketchup, DESSERT!

  • Good, consistent sleeper! Sleeps 12 hours at night, 2 hour nap.

  • Still lets me rock you a little before bed at night unless you are super tired and just reach for the bed.

  • Does NOT love chaos, loud noise, unfamiliar places, etc!

  • Does NOT love bounce houses, loud birthday parties, crowded play areas, etc.

  • Is getting more brave these days, though.

  • Likes to walk in the grocery store, because that is what your sister does. Does a pretty good job of staying right with me.

  • Chatty, chatty, chatty! Although most of the talking is done at home or in the car with us. You are a little shy to talk with everyone else. Your teachers didn't know you could talk til the second month of school. But now you talk all of the time with them.

  • Some of your favorite phrases are "Wet's Go Wions" (let's go lions), "More snacks PEEZ," "Wet's go Wangers" (Rangers), "Mommy, Watch!" (and then throws a ball or swings a golf club), "Awwwight, time to go," "Wook, I'm at football payer!" and many more!

  • Loves to sing "Jesus Loves Me," "Happy birthday," "Wheels on the bus," and can sing most of the words.

  • Finally will watch a little tv-Barney, Mickey, Wonder Pets.

  • Really is an easy-going child. His teachers say he just plays and plays all day and never cries or whines.

  • The only whining is left for mommy:( But, the fits are few an far between these days and I am thankful for that!

  • Graham is a little ham at home entertaining us with is awkward dancing and singing! He loves when we laugh at him and does things over and over if we keep laughing!

  • Maybe it's the red hair and the light blue eyes or maybe some other reason I don't care to know, but everyone remembers you. Everyone at church and school knows your name even if you aren't in their class.

  • You still look like your Papa and everyone comments about it.

  • You love going to Daddy's office and watching the big football players, riding on the John Deer just being with Dad!

Graham Haggard,

I could just eat you up with a spoon right now. Since you are communicating well these days it is so fun to watch you learn and talk! I think your cautious personality is a treasure! You are beautiful to us and we are so thankful for a remarkable two years! Please cuddle with your Mama when you are ten! We love you so much!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Great Grand Prix!

Parkway Hills had their annual Grand Prix car race this week! This is a long time tradition that is pretty darn cute! It's been going on so long, that let's just say my car was called the "Ash-Mobile." Each child (with lots of help from their parents) makes a cardboard car to race in the Grand Prix. I encouraged Anna that we should make a ladybug car since we had plenty of red and black decor from her first birthday.

She was fired up on Race Day!Honey introducing the adorable racers.Here they come!

The pledge and "My Country Tis of Thee." cute!

Each class raced several different times.

There were a few collisions, poor little guy on the left.Then it was time for the parent race. (pics so blurry because of the lighting!)

Cute daddys Kevin, Duke and Dave

Then time for the blue ribbons for the winners (all of the kids:) So cute when they jumped up when they heard their name!

Home showing me her blue ribbon.

Show me your race face!

Such a fun day for all of us!

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Halloween seems to last for days! I love the cute kids, costumes, candy, pumpkins and parties, but by the time it is all over, we are all wiped out! It started Thursday with the kids dressing in costume for school.

Silly Tink and Peter! I got to help with Anna's fall party in her class.

Mrs. Christie and her cute 8! They wore costumes in the morning and then changed clothes for the rest of the day.

We read this great book, "The Pumpkin Gospel."
Kate and Anna, wiht her tink hair.

We played a few games, decorated pumpkin cookies and did a craft.

pumkin face craft

Friday we decorated extra cookies from the party at home.

Friday we also had Graham's 2 year check-up. We got to the dr. and realized he had a fever. Just some type of virus that later came to be hand-foot-mouth over the weekend. yuck! By Sunday, he had developed some lovely blisters on his hands, face and throat. It's nice when your uncle is your pedi and you can text him pictures for a diagnoses. We missed a few birthday parties and a playdate but had to take care of our Peter! Sunday night Daddy was working, but we met Honey and Papa at the Parkway Hills Trunk or Treat for some carnival fun. Graham was a little comatose but went along for the fun.

Anna Lou excited to see her teacher!

Thank goodness for Papa's extra arms. G was a limp noodle!

Hudson and Emmy doing a little web action! So funny!

Anna's buddies Wes and Jax who's daddy is a coach at MHS, too.

Monday night was time for the real deal!

G was feeling a little better but you can still see some of the blisters on his face.

Daddy was being hilarious!

Could not get enough of the candy!

They both loved trick or treating!

And the glorious result of a full night of trick or treating!

It was a fun night for the four of us to spend together! Hallween is fun, but exhausting!