Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Great Grand Prix!

Parkway Hills had their annual Grand Prix car race this week! This is a long time tradition that is pretty darn cute! It's been going on so long, that let's just say my car was called the "Ash-Mobile." Each child (with lots of help from their parents) makes a cardboard car to race in the Grand Prix. I encouraged Anna that we should make a ladybug car since we had plenty of red and black decor from her first birthday.

She was fired up on Race Day!Honey introducing the adorable racers.Here they come!

The pledge and "My Country Tis of Thee." cute!

Each class raced several different times.

There were a few collisions, poor little guy on the left.Then it was time for the parent race. (pics so blurry because of the lighting!)

Cute daddys Kevin, Duke and Dave

Then time for the blue ribbons for the winners (all of the kids:) So cute when they jumped up when they heard their name!

Home showing me her blue ribbon.

Show me your race face!

Such a fun day for all of us!


Kampen Family said...

very cute!! you are so creative and crafty!!

The Copeland Family said...

TOO MUCH FUN! Love the ride!

Team Sherman said...

So cute. The pic of Dave racing is too funny!

Caryn said...

Awwww precious "Anna Bug" - I LOVE IT. Makes me miss you guys and parkway hills :( but not gonna lie, don't miss making the cars - HA!!