Friday, July 6, 2012

A Happy 4th!!

The 4th was coming and we had been talking to some friends about celebrating together. With lots of little ones and the warm temps we opted out of the several outdoor community festivals around us. The day before, I approached my parents about allowing us to invade their house and backyard and was given an "Absolutely!!" Not only did Honey and Papa provide the fun, but helped put together a great little 4th celebration! Everyone brought food to share, Papa grilled, and we spent all afternoon and evening watching the kids go crazy in the H&P's Paradise!

The slide was a hit!

Honey had fun 4th pops!

Amanda made this cute flag cake.
Honey made the cute fruit kabobs, hard to see the blueberries at the top.
tearin' up the playroom:)

G and Sean, good buddies!
These two hadn't seen each other since school and were very excited to play together!

awkward family pics. nice patriotic tcu shirt, daddy:)

I was determined to keep the kids up for fireworks! They have never seen them and I knew they would love it! Sweet Honey stayed home with Boone, while Papa, Dave and I took A&G. They didn't start till 10pm! 

The kids played musical chairs during the show but most of the time in Papa's lap.
Her face during the finale!
Heading back to H&P's, she just couldn't last any longer.

It was a great 4th! We love the USA!

 A pic from church on Sunday...

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