Monday, April 4, 2011

Papa's 60th!!

My dad turned 60 a few weeks ago so we had mom and dad over for dinner to celebrate. Dad got to eat on the "You are special plate" of course! Hugs and kisses for Papa.
Chocolate layer cake, Papa's fave.

My sister and I came up with this idea a few months ago for Dad's birthday present. We emailed and called lots of family and friends and asked them to write a note, letter, memory, etc about Dad. We also collected tons of pictures of Dad from every stage of life. We were overwhelmed with the response!! Our dad is one LOVED man!!! Wendi spent countless hours on her computer (which is her Mac and makes a beautiful digital book!) putting it together! It was a little after his actual birthday when it came in, but of course Papa didn't mind.

Here are Anna Lou and Graham helping Papa open his present.
The book turned out awesome! So many people wrote so many wonderful words!! And the pictures were amazing! I wish everyone could read it cover to cover!

I have to share this special picture from the book. This is my dad, on the left, and my Uncle Jimmy when Dad was about two. Who looks exactly like Dad???? My little Graham, of course!!

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Jan said...

Can't wait to see book, cover to cover since I've known him all his wonderful life!