Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The kids lately...

Years from now, I want to remember these days and what our kids were like.

Anna Lou- 5 1/2

~Such a girly girl, but has a competitive, tough side. 
~Eager to try new things.
~A little shy at first, but warms up quickly, especially towards adults.
~Great big sister and loves being the leader of the pack.
~Has a strong conscience and knows when she needs to be honest.
~We are having more mature conversations these days. 
~SO ready for kindergarten and will do awesome!
~Loves to sit close and cuddle.
~Loves singing and dancing to movies or music.
~Insists that we tell them at school her name is Anna Lou, not Anna. Although you get called both equally and it never seems to bother you.
~Loves crafts, Hello Kitty, Barbie, pretend make-up, gymnastics, dancing and playing pretend.
~I'm not sure who introduced you, but you always notice Peace Signs and want things with them on them. Hold on teenager!
~Falls asleep most nights instantly. Loves and needs her sleep! Big girl school will be an adjustment for all of us!

Graham- 3 3/4 (he will tell you he is older than 3 1/2)

~Such a sweet, tender heart.
~Has the best manners out of anyone in the house.
~Often reminds us to pray before a meals.
~Has become so much more daring and adventurous over the past year. (explains the face plant from a few weeks ago.)

 ~Love his sister to death! They have so much fun together!  And little brother too! I'm thinking his feelings will grow when Boone can actually play with him.
~Used to be shy, but now talks and talks and talks.
~If it can be thrown, he will throw it!

~Loves to dance and sing and act like a goober.
~So kind to compliment others. For example, he tells Anna she is doing a really good job, or tells me I look pretty.
~Always requests "Amazing Drace" before bed. G's sometimes sound like D's. I secretly love his little speech imperfections. Keeps him young!
~Loves to sing songs to me before bed, too.
(Bummer this pic is blurry, he was doing a little jig.)

Boone- 15 months

~As Papa would say he does things with "Gusto!"
~Quite the lively spirit!
~We know when you are happy or sad. But pretty happy most of the time.
~Insists on using a fork to eat and has gotten the hang of it.

~Our first child to be a climber with very little fear. 
~Can now climb to the top of the couch. :(
~He just started walking, but does not like to wear shoes (ex pic below where he wouldn't take a step.)

~Loves to perform and entertain us.
~Everyone comments about your hair and eyes. I am never bothered by the sweet strangers.
~Loves his mama and has just started some horrible separation anxiety. Bless his heart! Bless Mama's heart. (Another first in this house.)
~Has the best smile and will smile at anyone!
~Loves to swing golf clubs, bats, sticks, or just about anything at a ball.
~Gives the best kisses with a "mmmm" sound to go with it!

Thank you Lord, for these three!

We are so blessed!

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