Friday, August 16, 2013

Mash-sticks (gymnastics) Camp...

Anna Lou has always loved gymnastics, but after Boone was born we took a break, because simply, mama didn't want to haul everyone out of the house. She has missed it and I was excited to hear about a fun, little, low-key gymnastics camp close by. AL's speech is pretty good, but she has ALWAYS called gymnastics, "Mash-sticks."  She had a great week and LOVED every minute! Today, the parents could go and watch a little of what they had been working on. 

 The spectators.

 Boone didn't sit for very long.

 B wanted his try at it. He was having a ball!!
 So funny how God made my boys so different. Graham stood right by my side and I needed a leash on Boone.
 The cute girls to the rescue. 
 He was in heaven and, in fact, threw quite the hissy fit when I picked him up and we had to go.

So glad AL had such a great week of "Mash-sticks!"

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