Thursday, September 10, 2009

LH Football with the Halls...

Mike and Kim and their 4 cuties, Aubrey, Lily, Emery and Carter came in town for the weekend and joined us at the Lake Highlands game Friday night.
This is a pic of 2 coaches kids, Anna and Kate Duffield. Kate's mom, Melissa, and I support eachother through long games and long seasons with little ones! She just had baby girl #2 in June and she is already making it out to games with both!

Cousins- Emery, Anna and Aubrey in their red!
That's nice, chew on the fence.

Hall Family
Anna made it til the end 10:30pm! She loved running around the field after the game. Brought a smile to Dave's face even though we lost:(.

Sunday morning we met everyone at Mema's house to see Dave's dad, Papa, and Dave's grandmother, Mema. The girls always love seeing the horses. Anna used to think they were dogs, but now clearly knows they are not dogs. She loved it when they made those funny noises with their noses.

We love spending time with Mike, Kim and their chickens. They are always so willing to drive to Dallas and I know it is quite a haul with the kids! Dave and I are so blessed to have the best siblings, with the best families!!

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Kampen Family said...

I love the red and white checkered shoes! I bet daddy loves having his girls and soon-to-be baby boy supporting him at the games!