Monday, October 25, 2010

He is O-N-E!!

Our little peanut is ONE! The year flew right by!! I cannot even remember life before he joined our little family October 14, 2009. What an incredible year! Life with a baby boy! And a precious one!! We went to see Dr. Uncle Jimmy for his 12 month check-up.

Not a fan of stripping down for the scale. Who likes scales, anyways!!? (and snacking on a few cheerios)
Notice the diaper hangover of my little chunk!
Waiting for the bad lady (nurse with the shots), chewing on the plastic ear thing that was used to check his ears. yuck.
He did great with the shots. Screamed his brains out, but it was over quickly!!
Graham Haggard Hall- 1 year old
Stats and Facts-
Height- 29 3/4 in, 50%
Weight- 24 lbs 3 oz 75%!! (he and his sister are 2 pounds apart!)
Sleeps- 2 naps, 11-12 hours at night. G has always been a pretty good sleeper. Not always the most consistent with naps, but probably because the are constantly interrupted by big sister's activities. He rarely sleeps in the car anymore but if he does, transitions well straight to the bed. Falls asleep after rolling, playing, chattering for a few minutes. Naps last anywhere from 1 hour to 2 1/2 hours.
Loves- Fruit, cheese, deli meat, pizza, pasta, a few veggies, mostly whatever we eat
Not so much- chicken nuggets (what?), green veggies, some meats with weird texture
Drinks- still nursing and got to work on the weaning process. (sorry TMI), about 3 cups of milk from a sippy cup a day.
Things I want to remember-
  • G LOVES his sister! Always looking for her when he wakes up! Laughs and smiles at her the most!
  • G loves any kind of ball already.
  • G is a momma's boy! We definitely have dealt with some separation anxiety, but it's not been that bad. Most of the time he wants his momma if he is sleepy, overwhelmed or in an unfamiliar place. It takes him time to warm up to a new place and new people.
  • G does awesome in the church nursery. Every now and then he cries a little when I drop him off but he stops immediately when I am gone. The ladies always tell me he is so easy and just plays the entire time. Yay G! I thought this might not be the case!! And sometimes he does that thing where he doesn't make a peep the entire time and then cries when I go pick him up. Like he is remembering, "oh yeah, I am not happy you left me, momma!"
  • G is sensitive little thing! When I tell him NO for dropping food on the floor or touching something he isn't suppose to touch, he gets his feelings hurt very badly! Bless him!
  • G loves to clap and loves it when we sing songs!
  • G loves all things boy already! Cars, balls, dirt, bugs...
  • G babbles a lot and says Mama, Dada, babababa, but not sure if he knows what any of those words mean.
  • G is almost walking. He is cruising on the furniture and pushes a walker, but is still wobbly and a little bit tin man legs.
  • G loves the bath although a few months ago went through a phase of not loving it at all!
  • G is ticklish!! on the leg, neck, tummy
  • G is still a snuggler and ducks his head and smiles when someone smiles at him.
  • G loves to be outside and cries when I open the door and or go towards it and we don't go out.
  • G is so happy to be able to see the world now that his car seat is turned around. He is great in the car but seems so interested in looking around now.
  • G is HEAVY! Obviously he is up there in weight, but he just seems heavier than than 24 pounds. I get a serious workout carrying him around. We have got a linebacker on our hands!
  • G is so wiggly while trying to get him dressed. He isn't unhappy, just super wiggly which makes it challenging!!
  • G has done better and better staying up late watching Daddy's football games. He sits in my lap for most of the game and I always have lots of snacks on hand.
  • G has a sweet, raspy voice.
  • G doesn't rock before bed anymore:(, just wants us to put him in his bed.
  • G has started to notice things on tv, like his sister's cartoons. uh oh!
  • G does not like loud noises, crazy characters, people too close:). but who likes any of those things either? He is startled easily!
  • G really has been an easy, go with the flow kind of baby most days! I am so thankful!!!
  • G is the most precious little boy I know!

Our sweet Graham Haggard Hall is just the most perfect addition to the Hall House! He adds so much joy, laughter, adventure and love to this family! We love our blue-eyed, red head so, so, so much!!!


The Junods said...

ugh! i love that little blue eyed red head so much too. i miss all those sweet things you mentioned so much. thank you for writing them. makes me so sad i don't know them myself. he brings lots of love and joy to our house too...all the way over here!!

Kampen Family said...

He is so cute!! Love those big blue eyes and sweet little smile. Can't believe a year has flown by already! I pray he stays your sweet little boy forever:)

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