Wednesday, October 13, 2010

All the Halls...

Uncle Mike, Aunt Kim and their four- Aubrey, Lily, Emery and Carter came in town last weekend. The kids and I met them over at Mema's house (the farm) to eat lunch, visit with Mema and feed and RIDE the horses. The kids have a blast at Mema's! Who wouldn't?!
I couldn't believe Anna Lou wanted to ride the horse. She saw two of her older cousins try and insisted she get a ride too. She LOVED it! Papa said she was a natural and kept telling him to go faster. Oh great! She is not the dare devil type most of the time but I am so glad she tried something new. Sometimes I have to encrourage (force) her to get out of ther comfort zone.

Waving at Mema watching from inside.
Hugs for her great grandmother.
Friday night we all headed to the game.
Emery and AL
All of the Halls minus Dave on the field and me snapping the pic.
The men talking the game over. (Papa Mike, Mr. Smith and G)
Kelli and Allie
Another BIG victory for the Lions!! It was another nail-biter but so glad we came out on top!
So thankful the other Halls were able to come in and enjoy and little Lion Football with us!

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Shannon said...

I just put two and two together. I think Kelly goes to my church. Am I right? If so, I need to introduce myself next time I see her!