Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Johnson Twins!

Sweet Cooper and Campbell Johnson are HERE!! We have waited for their arrival and so thankful for a very healthy pregnancy and birth! It was so fun meeting our two new little friends.
Anna Lou was very excited to meet the babies! She told me all the way there "Going to see the babies!!" Here is she is with Mrs. Ross "Granny" and Campbell.
AL's interest of the babies quickly changed to interest in all of their baby gear. Here are my two toddlers trying out the nap nannies. Excuse us why we get our germs all over your baby's stuff! (Julie and David were telling them to lie down and try them out. Not me!) Now let's try the swing out.
I guess she remembered doing this to Graham. Although I think he liked a pacifier for about a week of his life.
David and Campbell, Julie and Cooper and Us
Some lovin' for Miss Campbell.
Doesn't Julie look amazing! Beautiful babies!!
I can't wait to watch these two grow! What a wonderful family to be born into. Julie and David already look like pros! They make twins look like a piece of cake!! C & C- you are loved so much by so many!!


Sharon said...

Adorable and babies! :) Julie looks so happy! So happy for them!

BTW--G and Whit look a lot alike still! Quite a bit to me!

The Junods said...

Can't even imagine. Loved all the pics. So glad yall could go. Julie looks beautiful. Lou Lou is hilarious trying out all the equip.