Friday, May 24, 2013

the last day...

We were so sad for the last day of school to come at Parkway Hills. My older two have had the most wonderful year! Graham adored his two teachers and he really blossomed in so many areas. 

Miss Kayla
Sweet Mrs. Karen holds a special place in my heart! She had Anna Lou when she was two years old and has had Graham for the past two years. She is such an extraordinary teacher! Such a gift! Graham ADORES her!! She bawled like a baby saying bye to Graham which made Graham's mama bawl like a baby!

Mrs. Alice Anne who prepped us for kindergarten so perfectly!
The MDO director, Mrs. Paula, who has had both of these babies and who we all love so much!
Taking turns looking at the camera.
So sad I don't have a picture of our favorite person at Parkway Hills, Honey! But if we would have stopped to think, talk or dwell on our last day two women would have been a serious mess!!! 

Such a treasure of a school to care, love, nurture, encourage and teach my preciouses.

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