Saturday, May 11, 2013

My favorite place!

Probably my most favorite place to visit is The Ballpark in Arlington. I know it may seem strange for girl, but I really love everything about it! The team we watched growing up more than anyone else was the Rangers. We loved them when they were bad, and it's pretty fun now that they are good. My dad and I can sit and watch a 3 hour game on tv every night during the summer. Even my husband doesn't understand why I don't get bored and need to change the channel a few times.  We don't have the chance to go as much as we used to, so we soak it up when we are there. Dave took me to The Ballpark right when we started dating and won me over with really good tickets. ha! Dave and I really wanted to treat Mom and Dad to the game for a tiny little thank you for all they have done for us lately. 

Packed House!
 I think my new favorite players are Craig Gentry and Elvis Andres. My old favorites don't play for us anymore :(. Gentry is speedy outfielder who I hear loves Jesus, and Andres is fun to watch because he is enthusiastic, a little bit goofy and a darn good shortstop. Here is Elvis warming up.
 It was an awesome game to watch with lots of action and a win! I was trying to take a pic of the "Hello Win Column" sign, but it's a big blur.

The kids had a blast with our sweet friends and neighbors, Lindsey and Matt. I love my babies, but so thankful for adult only outing. Looks like they had a good time!

In other news (literally) my awesome husband was on the front of the sports page of the Odessa paper. Here he is just doing what he loves and doing it well!! 

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