Saturday, November 3, 2012

H-A-Double L-O-Double U, Double E-N spells Halloween!

We sang this weird halloween spelling song in elementary school that I have never forgotten. Our Spider Girl, Spiderman and baby spider started with the Trunk or Treat at Parkway Hills.

Honey and Papa were there to help!
AL & G rode the train!  This was kind of big for G. My sweet, timid boy wasn't so sure about it, but we assured him he could sit in front with AL and drive. cut in line. ugh! ;) But he still did it without a flinch. Yay G!

Waiting her turn to head through the obstacle course. Nice stance.

The mask stayed on most of the night. G was in character! hee hee!

We had a couple of winners in the cake walk.

Family pic #1 of our Spider Fam. Poor little Spidey and Graham is mid candy bite. 

sweet pea.

A little better family pic.

Kids loved this Angry Birds game.

Halloween night was a little different than normal. We were bunking at Honey and Papa's while some work was being done at our house all week. Anna Lou had a little fever the night before and was still in her pj's on Halloween evening. We made some Mini Murph pizzas which are always a hit.

We trick or treated around H&P's neighborhood and drug Boone along although he probably would have preferred his bed over his spider costume.

Both loved it Trick or Treating!

 Tuckered out.

Our halloween was typical, simple and fun!

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