Friday, February 8, 2013

Boone is 9 months!

Our baby is 9 months old! So close to one! I can't stand it! 

He is a big old boy! Weighing 19 pounds, which is actually a little less than average to my surprise. But almost 5 pounds more than his sister did at 9 months! And half a pound less than Graham did, I think. He just started crawling for real, but mainly army crawls. He loves to eat and is eating more and more table food every day. He is trooper napping on the go and catching up when he can. His vocab consists of dadadadada (of course:) and a few squeals now and then. 
The past two months have been a little rough with the flu, ear infections and some tummy trouble, but he still remains a happy kid most of the time. Boone loves his siblings, bath time, cheerios and smiles! Just give him a grin and he will give you one right back. It makes everyone feel good, even strangers in the grocery store. He is in that great stage of staying put and playing with toys on the floor. I know the fast crawling, opening of cabinets and making messes is upon us, but for now, it's nice to have a low maintenance baby. Love him so much!

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