Monday, February 25, 2013


I was beyond blessed to attend the dotMOM conference this weekend! 
It was uplifting, encouraging, gut wrenching and down right incredible! 

Sweet friends that I attended with- Heather, Sarah and Lisa. (My head is so large in this pic, let's hope its the angle.)

I also ran into Wynne who I know from BU and I haven't seen in years! She has an incredible story so check our her blog sometime.

I got to listen and soak up some amazing words from Vicki Courtney, Priscilla Shirer, Angie Smith and John Croyle. Worship was by Travis Cottrell who leads worship for Beth Moore's Living Proof. He rocked our socks off! Goodness gracious, he has a gift! We also went to several breakout sessions that were awesome. I wanted it to never end! I felt like I couldn't write fast enough and I could listen to each speaker/presenter for hours. I'm hoping the tidbits I brought home will make a difference in my life. So thankful for this time and what the Lord taught me. Also thankful for Dave and Honey and Papa keeping the 3 amigos so that it was possible! I am forever changed!


Katie and Justin Cox said...

Saw Wynne's pic of you on fb... such fun! I would have loved to have attended... what a great group of contributors! PS: Graham may be the cutest thing a pair of Wranglers ever found! Oh my! He needs a pair of his own! :) We have Texas day this week... although I'm afraid cowboys aren't near as cool as our new favorite, Batman! :) But Batman does wear boots!

The Copeland Family said...

It was a great time, indeed, so grateful for you inviting me. :) Love ya, girl!