Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Little Vacay...

A few months ago we planned a little weekend getaway to San Antonio. We left little Boone with Honey and Papa headed south. Dave met us there Friday night, flying from our new hometown to SA. (More on that later). 

We made a little pit stop to eat some lunch and visit the Bears. 
 Heeeeeeeeey.....Sic em Bears! But the real bears were no where to be found in the bear pit. Boo!

There was a food truck on campus. what?!


 We made it to our hotel in SA and got settled in.

checkin' out the beds!

random two peacocks that were walking around the courtyard of the hotel.

 Besides our trip to Sea World, the kids favorite thing was the pool! We swam everyday and they could not wait to take a dip each day after our outings.

Daddy wasn't here yet so we ordered pizza for dinner on Friday night. 

And watched a movie.
 And called for room service. jk.

Daddy made it in late Friday night. Saturday morning we grabbed donuts on our way to Sea World.

Thanks so much to wonderful tips from friends, we had a little plan for our day. We started with feeding the dolphins.
 Lots of great shows!

 A random cheerleading competition going on that AL wanted to watch. We passed on it. :)

 snack break.

a ride we choose not to do!

My favorite show, Azul!

 lots of acrobats, divers, dolphins, awesome!
 kids play area
 watching the roller coaster that we were too small for, darn.
 Our size roller coaster that we were sure would not be G's favorite. But IT WAS! He loved it!

 so glad we won these awesome prizes ;)

Daddy got suckered with the Shamu toys.

 Pooped after a long, fun day!
Straight to dinner on the Riverwalk!
we love mexican food!

hotel entertainment after another dip in the pool.

 Sunday morning we went to brunch at Guenther House recommended by my friend, Katie. They are the Pioneer Brand that makes baking mixes of breads, cakes, etc. It was amazing!! And beautiful! We waited an hour but the entire place is beautiful with a historical home, museum, gift shop and all located on the river. 

 I told G to say "cheese" and he said "how 'bout pancakes!"

 After that we headed to the River Walk to be true tourist and ride the boat.  

We took Daddy to the airport Sunday afternoon and then went back to the hotel for more swimming and dinner at the hotel. Monday morning we loaded up and headed north. We made a couple of quick stops to see some dear friends in Austin.
First we stopped to see my friend Lindsay and her 3 kids. I hadn't met sweet Ally yet. Such a doll! Lindsay has become good friends with another friend of mine, Cabell. She came over too with her youngest, Jude. Her oldest, Charlie, was at school. When Cabell lived in Dallas, Anna Lou and Charlie played together lots as babies. We miss all of these sweet friends so much!

Mackenzie was there, too, but not feeling good :(
Conner, G, AL and Jude. 
We then made another stop to see my friend, Amanda, and her two cute boys, Rhett and Abel.
 Loved catching up with my old BU bff and roomie and her two cutie pies!! Miss them so much! Amazing to me to see our kids playing together. So many memories with this dear friend from so long ago!

This is why G was looking so sleepy in the pic above. He was!

Our crazy weekend caught up with them! 

 We made it home safe and sound and with a weekend full of memories. So thankful for this time with our family! Sure missed this little guy, but he was getting plenty of love from Honey and Papa. And learning how to say 'bye bye'! 


The Copeland Family said...

SO much fun! Glad you guys had a great time and got to spend some good, quality time together. Love ya!

Katie and Justin Cox said...

Okay SO interested to find out where your new hometown is! I already realized that it is probably not Austin or else your hubs would have driven to SA... bummer! :) Exciting for y'all! Glad you had a great trip... we've stayed in that hotel before I think... such fun! Thanks for the shout out... haha!

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