Sunday, March 17, 2013

On the Move...

Back in January Dave got a phone call about a job offer in Odessa, Texas at Permian High School. Several years ago, Dave worked for Coach Feldt in Pilot Point. In January, Coach Feldt was hired as the new head coach at Permian and wanted Dave to come with him and be the defensive coordinator. We have been at MHS for 3 years and been in the metroplex for all of Dave's career. We were both raised here, went to college not too far away, and have been back here ever since. We love north Texas! We love McKinney! There are some years that as a coach you might "look around a little bit" during the spring. This was NOT going to be one of those years. We were very content with Dave's job and loved everything about this area. 

We love our church, friends, community, the kids and staff of MHS and of course, our family that is right here! We were really taken off guard when Dave got the phone call. Dave is well deserving of this job, we just didn't have it on our radar.  But...we knew right away this was something we needed to check out. To be honest, I was flattered for Dave, but assumed (and maybe hoped) something just wouldn't fit right and we would stay right here in our comfortable "home." After all, we have been our almost our entire lives! What's not to love about what we've got! Did I mention our family that lives RIGHT HERE?! 

So Dave and I made arrangements for the kids to stay at Honey and Papa's and headed west for a quick trip to check it out. Looking out the window for almost 6 hours, this is mostly what I saw.
flat. dry. cacti. wind turbines. oil pump. oil derrick. still flat.
ain't it puuurdy.

  Not much to look at it out there, but it's just a normal town. They say if we love God, Texas and football we will fit right in. I think that might describe us a little.  We told our family and a few close friends before we left about our visit so they could be praying for us. While I was there, my sweet friends kept texting me asking how it was and saying they were praying. While I appreciated their prayers, I wanted them to stop! ;) They were just reminding me of what awesome friends we have right here! Every time I read one, my stomach turned over thinking I might be leaving these sweet people. During our visit we were able look around at some neighborhoods, see several elementary schools, the school, stadium, athletic facilities and had some good west Texas meals. 

So we prayed before, during and after our days there and it was clear God had opened this door for us. It was by far the hardest decision we have made together since being married.  Many tears have been shed and many more to come, I am sure. But we are confident in the Lord and this decision! The day we left to visit Odessa, this was in Jesus Calling...

I want you to be all mine. I am weaning you from other dependencies. Your security rests in Me alone-not in other people, not in circumstances. I am always before you, beckoning you on--one step at a time.   Neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, can separate you from My loving Presence.

Well thank you Lord and author Miss Sarah Young! You mean my security cannot rest in my momma right down the road? Are you sure when you say "height or depth" that includes west Texas? Cause it's really pretty far out there.  

Miss Sarah Young continued to encourage me that week with the most perfect words. Maybe because her words come straight from the Good Book!

Permian is a place like no other. Football is absolutely king and the traditions runs deep. Just google MOJO Football! After all, the the original Friday Night Lights movie was based on the the Permian Panthers. At our house, we love us some Friday Night Lights. The movie and tv show!

Or the original, the book.

I am beyond proud of my husband. This is a job opportunity that does not come around very often. He is beyond qualified and will do an amazing job. So we are packing up our family of 5, and our pup and headed to Odessa!  We are expecting and anticipating God to do awesome things there. Come see us out west!!


The Junods said...

Awesome post. This is just the beginning. So proud of you both. Continued prayers for this big ol move! At least we'll both being going through the transition together. Can't wait to come visit. So excited to cheer for the Panthers...they are in our blood one way or another. MOJO BABY!!!

The Copeland Family said...

So happy for you guys!! God is good and faithful!!

The Nichols Family said...


I've been following your blog for a long time...
I grew up in Midland (born & raised) and went to LHS so I know ALL about MOJO!! I don't know if y'all are planning to live in Midland or Odessa (I vote Midland) but please don't hesitate to reach out to me if you need anything as we still have lots of family friends there. West TX is a great place to raise your sweet family!! Take care and God Bless!!

Laura Lyn

Kelli Smith said...

oh my word...tears all over again!! And like you said, it won't be the last time. We love your precious family so much and are super proud of ya'll for stepping out and answering God's call, even though selfishly, I'm so sad to see you go- my sweet bleacher buddy, friend, super mom! (I'll never forget the day you left the hospital with G, only to show up at the game that are a rock star! You are amazing and will find wonderful friends to love on your sweet babies and your precious family-I have no doubt! We will miss you terribly, but will keep in touch. I can't wait to follow the Panthers, and especially that great defense! :) Hugs from the Smith crew!