Monday, March 18, 2013

Missing Daddy and our temporary home...

So Daddy has been officially a Permian Panther since the middle of February. He is staying with some wonderful family friends in Midland. We are so thankful for their generosity and hospitality. Another way we see the Lord going before us in this situation. The kids and I are staying here since we do not have a place to live in Odessa. My heart for single mamas and for those that have a husband that travels weekly has grown so much. Wow! Single mama-hood isn't for sissies!!

Daddy comes home every weekend to be with us. We miss him so much and are so eager for Friday to come! Here we are on one of our many trips to the airport. Sundays are always sad! :(
 We send Daddy tons of pics and videos during the week like these.
Missing Daddy at one of his favorites, Bueno!

So we put our house on the market right away and sold it the first weekend! Once again, thank you Lord for making this all so clear. And thank you Lord that I wasn't having to keep a house show-worthy with three youngins and with my husband out of town! This week we officially moved out and into Honey and Papa's house. Lord bless those two! 

During the move, found these in Anna Lou and Graham's room, brought to you by G, I am sure!

 We hired movers to move all of our stuff into storage near Honey and Papa's. The moving truck came and we realized our stuff was not going to fit in one load. Rather than pay the movers for their time to make another trip, we called in the reinforcements. Papa (Dave's Dad) and his horse trailers! 
  Six years in one house brings a lot of junk! We plan to have a garage sale soon and lots of that junk in the front will have to go!

We are getting settled in at Honey and Papa's and will be back on schedule going to school, BSF and the rest of our normal routine now that spring break and our move is over.  We are excited to be building a house in Odessa which is planned to be ready in July. Praying it really is July! Those Permian Panthers get going in August and we need to be there before that!  


Katie and Justin Cox said...

Love reading your last two posts! What a fun adventure God has y'all on! I cannot wait to see what He has in store for your family there... Congratulations!! :)

Stasia Delatorre said...

I say you’re one strong woman to solely take on the responsibility of moving out with your three kids while your husband is away. Moving is somewhat good though. You get to see all of your old stuff that you thought missing; and though some would prove to be of no use anymore, you can just sell them. Win-win!

Stasia Delatorre