Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Big First Day!

We had our big first day of school last week! Anna started her first year at pre-school and Graham had his first day at Mother's Day Out! It was a wonderful day for all! Half of these pictures are from my phone so the quality isn't great.

The night before school started Anna had this cute snack bag to enjoy along with a cute poem about not being nervous about school and how much fun they would have. Enjoying her snack with Daddy the night before the big day. Daddy is WAY long gone by the time they wake up in the morning so he was gave her a first day pep-talk the night before. Although she didn't really need it! This girl was SO excited to start school!
The next morning dressed and ready!

Clapping for school!

Before this pic, Anna said, "Mommy, how bout I do this?" hee hee.
Showing her new backpack from Honey and Papa.

Graham takes this basket to MDO.

Finally at school, Anna was ready to go! I didn't get a pic of Graham going to his room because there were a few tears. Little man had about 10 seconds of tears and then was fine. His sweet teachers said he had a wonderful day and never cried again. At naptime, one of his teachers picked him up, he laid his head down on her shoulder , then she laid him on his napmat and he went to sleep. what? Who are these women with super-powers?! He is a good sleeper, but had no idea how it would go at school.

After school we got a quick pic with Honey.

Then we enjoyed some amazing cookies from Tiff's Treats with our friends Hudson and Emerson!

All in all is was a super day! Anna told me numerous times that she was ready to go back to pre-school! Both kids have wonderful teachers who will love on them all day long while they are away from me. We are so thankful for Parkway Hills!!

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