Monday, September 5, 2011

Pre-school Meet the Teacher!

We cannot believe it is FINALLY time for Anna to start at preschool!
"Honey's School," as she calls it! We went to the preschool orientation last week and got all geared up for a wonderful year at Parkway Hills! Here is Honey speaking to the entire group making all these young mamas feel so good about sending their babies to her! Honey, Kate (Wendi's long time friend and my friend Jill's little girl) and Anna
Mrs. Christi's cute little class talking about praying before we enjoy our snack.

Checking out the new toys.
Adorable Mrs. Christi who Anna already LOVES!

Hudson, Anna and Kate


Our friend Hudson is in one of the four-year old classes. Anna did not want to let go of the balloon in her hand!

Our favorite preschool director, Honey!!

Could not be happier to send Anna to such a wonderful school where she is loved, nurtured, encouraged, stretched and most importantly taught about Jesus!

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Shannon said...

WHOOHOO!!! I am so jealous you are there and I'm not! Can't wait for next fall! Glad Anna is in Carson's class, too! :-) We love us some Mrs. Jerry!