Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Graham- 15 Months!

Our not-so-little Graham is 15 months! Hard for this mama to believe! It is so fun watching his personality come out and seeing what little boys are made of! His open-mouth slobbery kisses and hugs are the best! He loves all things that bang, crash, play loud music and anything that is round, rolls and can be thrown across the room! Little man takes a little while to warm up to a new place and new people and still LOVES his mama! Maybe it's because he is such a mama's boy, but he also only misbehaves for ME! What?!! Most tantrums, whining, fussing happen for me! NO ONE ELSE! But I do get the extra lovin'! So we will work on the other stuff. He is a star in the nursery at church and does great when I leave him with the most wonderful babysitters- GRANDPARENTS!!
And we finally have a walker! A week before he turned 15 months, he finally let go of the walker he had been pushing since he was 9 months and walked! We knew he could do it, but just wanted to crawl everywhere.
26 lbs 12 oz- 80%!!
31 1/2 inches 55%
He and his almost 3 year old sister now weigh the same! Watch out Anna, he will soon pass you! As you can see, he is a little tub. I wouldn't say chubby, but solid:). He is thick all the way down and feels like a ton of bricks when you pick him up. I'm guessing he'll be a linebacker! (has to play defense of course:)
He loves eating! Except a few things that I think are a little strange- still no chicken nuggets, french fries or apple juice. Who are you kid? I'm sure you will come around sometime soon! I think he would live on milk if I let him. Milk is his favorite!! Here he is eating some of Honey's homemade blueberry muffin's. yum!
(sorry these pics are from my phone)
We have so much fun together while sister is at MDO. I found him the other day trying out sister's doll bed. Don't tell his daddy but he is so sweet to her babies and loves playing in her kitchen!
Coolio wouldn't stop wearing these sunglasses!
I don't think I ever posted the pics that Brooke Martin took of our family for our Christmas card. This was one of my faves of G and his Daddy!
We love you Graham Haggard Hall so much! You are our favorite little boy in the whole wide world!

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The Copeland Family said...

Aw, happy fifteen months, Graham!! What a big boy!!