Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Valentines treats and cards...

Let me introduce you to Red Velvet Whoopie Pies! These were super easy and so tasty. I have decided Red Velvet is definitely my most favorite of all cake flavors!! I just discovered it a few years ago from my bro-in-law Nick who is a little crazy about RV!! (Sure wish I could ship some of these to him in the Middle East!) I made a batch, which made about 18 whoopie pies, that I took to Anna's teachers and MDO director. I will definitely make another batch since they were such a hit. Graham and I did split one of the extras and thoroghly enjoyed!!
I found the recipe HERE!
I compared several online recipes and this one looked easy, I had most everything I needed and I loved the picture! Not sure why this picture from my phone is so small. You get the idea! Yum!

Another horrible picure, but I got these boxes at Hobby Lobby and filled them with whoopie pies. Anna took them to her teachers and we attached one of her Valentines to the side. I found these cute butterfly Valentines HERE! I printed them on red cardstock, cut them out and Anna decorated them with stickers (her favorite!) You then cut two slits for the lollypop and glue two googly eyes on. And then you give your little bro a big V-Day hug!

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