Monday, February 21, 2011

Austin Half Marathon...

Since Thanksgiving, I have been training for the Austin Livestrong Half Marathon. I did a half 2 years ago and swore I would never do it again! I guess I somehow forgot the pain I endured and maybe got talked into it a little by my friends! Anyway, we started training and paid a whopping $90 so there was no backing out!

It was such a busy weekend with Anna's 3rd birthday (post to come later), but it was fun for Dave and I to get away for a night. Katie, Janet, Sarah and I along with our husbands met in Austin for the big race! Our friends, the Kampens were in Austin for the weekend visiting family and had all of our group over for an amazing dinner!!Katie, Janet, Sarah and I with our lovely hostess Lindsay

The next morning we were up at 5 to start the race at 7am! The race went really well although I was amazed at how HUGE it was! 20,000 runners made for a crowded race, but it was so nice to have supporters along the entire way cheering us on. And the weather was perfect, Thank You Lord!
Here we are coming in to the finish. That is my arm waving behind Sarah:).

Little blurry, but here we come!

We made it! Dave and I after the finish in front of the capital.

My training partner!!

Sarah helped me so much from our training since Thanksgiving to actually crossing the finish line on Sunday! She probably could have run a lot faster at the race, but what a trooper to stick with us! I am so thankful for her!

My runner girls!! So thankful for them!

We then enjoyed our post-race meal at Pappasitos!!

My sweetpeas stayed home with Honey and Papa. They were loved on tons while we were gone.

Making signs for Mommy.

I just love my babies more than anything!

They were on the front door when we got home.

I am so glad I did this race, but so glad it is over!! It has been such a time commitment for me and my family! Dave was my saving grace always hurrying home from work so I could go run and taking over night duty of dinner, bath and bed while I was gone. Our long runs were on Saturday mornings so he had the kids first thing in the morning until I got home. They didn't seem to mind since most Saturday mornings included a trip to the donut shop!

I wish I had a pic of my new TOMS that my sweet sister sent me for finishing the race! Isn't she the best!! And I LOVE me some Toms!!!!!!

Doing the race TOOK A VILLAGE! My sweet fam, extended fam, training partners and thankful for them all!


The Junods said...

Every picture and all the words in this post brought tears to my eyes. What an amazing accomplishment. It does take a village and I guess I never realized that. So proud of you for so many reasons. I love you and way 2 GO!

Shannon said...

WAY TO GO, ASHLEY! I am so proud of you! I do understand the time it takes and the slew of people that have to help out in the process. After running mine I swore I would never do another one. I am already getting the itch to start training for something, so we will see! It is amazing how quickly your body gets out of shape when it's all said and done. UGH! So proud of your accomplishment and so happy you are finished! YIppee!

Team Sherman said...

Loved every minute of our training and race! Thanks for letting me share it with you!