Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Farm Playdate...

We went with some friends to a cute little farm outside of McKinney for a fun morning playdate last week. They had lots of fun animals for the kids to see up close and personal. Anna Lou was a big fan of some and kept her distance from a few. Such a fun place!!
Getting warmed up.
"No thanks, I'll just push this stroller around." She did like the ferrett.

Blurry, but a funny pic of her face after petting the rat. ewww!
Bread for the goats who were eager to eat!!
Huge pigs!

Graham along for the ride.
She ate as much bread as she gave away.
The bigs!
The Littles!
Thanks to Amanda for bring snacks for everyone!
A real see-saw! AL and Hudson having a good time!

A fun place that we will definitely go back to!!

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