Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Townley Times...

My Aunt Terry, cousin Sharon and her three girls Lindsey, Courtney and Whitney traveled south from Arkansas to spend a few days with us in July. We have alternated between Arkansas and Texas for the past few summers for our little "Townley Times" reunion. (My mom's maiden name is Townley.) We had a great time until a tummy bug took over and bit me and a few others. Booo! Till the next Townley Times!!
Sharon had shirts made and this is the best pic we got. We planned to take one with us all actually wearing them, but that didn't happen when we all got sick.

Sharon and Wendi with eachother's youngest. These babies were born a week apart, Graham and Whitney. Something was really funny. AL and Courtney putting on a little show.

Slip and Slide time and Popsicles!! Sweet cousins loving on Baby Georgia. This little missy decided she needed a bite of peanut butter, so why not use your hand!
Here Honey, have a bite. A little movie before naps.

It was great to be with the Townley women, just sad it was cut short!!

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