Friday, August 27, 2010

First game!

The lions kicked off their season Thursday night (we share a stadium and have a couple Thursday night games) against the Frisco Racoons. Too bad for the Racoons, the Lions dominated with a final score of 41-8! Woohoo! This season is going to be interesting totting my two youngins' and all of the gear and still trying to watch the game. Anna Lou loved every bit of it! What a difference a year makes. She had fun last year, but this year she was so in to the band, cheerleaders, drill team, football players and spotted Daddy on the field too! She was a piece of cake! Now her brother on the other hand would have rather been in his bed, considering kickoff was at his bed time! He had some ok moments, but really just preferred me standing and holding him and he is no light weight! Whew, it was HOT! We did make 27 trips to the bathroom!! Thank goodness we had sweet Allie, AL's good buddy to help. Since we are coach's families (VIP:) we got to use the press box bathroom so we did not have to make the trek down the bleachers each time. I was taking no chances since we just finished up our potty training! Sweet Allie helped AL with everything and entertained her all night!My attempt at getting a pic of these two...
Wide-eyed watching the halftime show. She kept saying "Here comes the BAM!!" (band)
blurry claps.
coaches kids
Coach Smith giving the post game victory speech!
The four of us looking nice and sweaty and exhausted!
Great way to start the season! Go Lions!!

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The Copeland Family said...

Cute pictures...I love the one you got of all the kids :) See you on Friday!! Have a great week!