Sunday, August 22, 2010

Starting off the season...

Well football is in full gear around here! Dave has been working hard, long hours for several weeks now and we are excited for the first real game this week! It has been fun getting to know new coaching families at our new school. Dave's 10 minute commute has been awesome!! We are excited to get the season started. Go Lions!!
Family pic that we took for the football program.
Our good friends, The Smiths. Jeff is the "big dog" at MHS and we love this family!!
Another wonderful family that we are so glad we get to work with, the Jordans!
Last week the coaches' kids passed out popsicles to the players after practice. Anna Lou was super excited! I think most of the popsicles she handed out had a bite taken off of the top. The boys didn't mind!
AL and one of our sweet new friends, Faith.
Getting the hang of it!

It's going to a be a fun year. Here we go!!!

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