Thursday, October 16, 2008


Dave's birthday is today, October 16th, but we celebrated last night since Dave could get home from school a little earlier last night. I kept Anna up so Dave could give her a bath and get her ready for bed. Definitely one of his favorite things to do with Anna Lou! I cooked one of his favorite dinners and favorite desserts and he opened his presents from Anna and I. Woohoo! Exciting birthday!! That's how it goes with a birthday during football season. But, probably exactly the way Dave would want it.

hmmm...I think there is some resemblance!


robert and kelley said...

ok...she is so cute! i want to squeeze her! =)

Sharon said...

So sweet!! Yes, LOTS of resemblance!

Happy Birthday Dave!!

Meg said...

ashley!! it's meg harris!! i did not even know you had a baby...oh my gosh, she is PRECIOUS!! truly the cutes baby girl i have seen in a long time. it looks like you are doing wonderful. oh yeah i found your blog on shannon michaelis's. i am excited to keep up w/ you and precious baby girl! XOXO-meg