Saturday, November 1, 2008

Lake Highlands- District Champions!!

It was an incredible night for the Wildcats of Lake Highlands. We were playing Carrolton Creekview for the District Championship game! It ended up being an awesome game with two great teams battling it out. Anna Lou made it all night and even made it through overtime when the Wildcats pulled out the victory! As hard as Dave and all of the coaches work, it was awesome to see them get this big win! It sure makes it worth it when they pull 14 hour work days! I would be just as proud of Dave if we did not win a game this year, but sure makes it more fun when we do win!
Papa and Anna Lou before the game. I took her in her pumpkin costume, but it didn't last long since it was so warm outside!
Our friends, Melissa and Kate. (My fellow coaches wife with a little one at home!)

My family got to come, because my dad's game was on Thursday night this week.

Us after the game. Everyone looking a little tired after the exhausting game.

Big hug for Uncle Dave from Brooks. He always asks me where he is and I say, "coaching football." And the Brooks says, "Uncle Dave is ALWAYS coaching football." Exactly Brooks!

Crawling around on the field after the game. She had no idea it is after 11:00pm!

Barrett and Anna playing

Dave and his dad with ALH

District 9-5A Champions!!
You can't see it, but behind all of the players was a new banner put up after the game saying "LH Wildcats- 2008 9-5A Champions! The players went crazy when the saw it!


robert and kelley said...

that is soo awesome! robert says "good for dave"! you guys should be so proud! congratulations! so fun and how cute is anna???

Hunter, Amanda, Hudson and Maddie said...

This post gave me chills!!! So thrilled for all of you! So special the whole family was there! I love that Anna was able to stay up!!! SOOO exciting! Go Wildcats!!!

Sharon said...

How awesome!! David is smiling so big in all of them! I know you are proud! I LOVE Brooks' comment! You'd think he'd know that by know wtih Papa and Uncle Dave coaching...he'll learn! Precious pictures!!!