Thursday, April 23, 2009

Easter and more to come from Doha...

Easter weekend was so much fun in Houston! We spent some great time with family celebrating the most important holiday! Easter night I headed from Houston to Doha, Qatar to visit my sister, Wendi, and her family! Wendi's good friend, Shannon (my traveling partner), and I had the best time visiting them all week! I will post pics soon of the trip.
We started the Easter week with our first big "bump on the noggin" at home. I wish the pics showed what the actual egg on her forehead looked like! But that is my girl to have a little bruise just in time for Easter pics. I am sure the first of many to come!!

We attempted to get some bluebonnet pics while in Houston where there are lots of bluebonnet to be found! They didn't turn out great, but that is ok! Here are a couple...

Such squinty eyes, oops! It wasn't even sunny!

We celebrated two Chenoweth birthdays, Maddie and Scott, on Saturday night. Singing Happy Bday to Maddie and Scott.
Mimi with Carter, Dave with AL and Lily
My camera was unavailable for the early Easter morning pics, but I got some with Mimi's of Anna's egg hunt. I'll have to get those pics from her. She wasn't too sure about the whole thing, but liked shaking the eggs that had goodies inside to make a rattle.

The couple I got before the egg hunt.

At church looking at the pretty flowers. It looks sunny outside, but it was pouring!

After church went to Champions for lunch, which is a Chenoweth Family Easter tradition. It was wonderful, like always! Great food, beautiful decor, great petting zoo and an awesome time with family! Thank you Mimi and PawPaw!

Loving all of the animals.
Dave helping all of the cousins see the sweet bunnies.
AnnaLou and Emery
Her favorite bunny.

Brothers with ALH
More big bunnies. (We kind of felt sorry for them all!) Showing me her bunny she got in the kids area.
Pretty Morgan with ALH


Jan said...

Are you kidding? Bluebonnet & others are great pics! Wonderful to keep up with your sweet family this way!

Ashley said...

I'm embarrassed to say that Nathan has had 5 goose eggs! It always makes me so sad when he hurts his precious was especially hard the first time he did it. I was ready to take him to the ER!