Sunday, April 4, 2010

Eggs, Bunnies, JESUS!

We had an amazing Easter weekend! Easter is one of my favorite holidays with lots of fun things to do with the little bits, but of course because we celebrate our risen Savior!! My pics are a little out of order. But these are from before we headed to church as I attempted a couple of pics of A & G. Not much luck!! So difficult getting Anna to hold Graham, both look somewhat in the direction of the camera and to get a smile would be awesome!
Our fam at church. We met Honey and Papa there and snapped a few before we sent the babies to the nursery and went to a wonderful worship service.
We went out for lunch with H&P and then both kids crashed in the car on the way home and went straight to their beds when we got home. After naps, since they napped in their church clothes, I again attempted sibling pictures. Ha!
This grass is way more interesting than looking at the camera.
Later Anna enjoyed some treats from the Easter bunny in the backyard.
Silly string which Daddy enjoyed more than Anna.
Sunday night we went to visit Mema and wish her a Happy Easter, but I forgot my camera. Boo! Saturday we went to a huge egg hunt and cookout hosted by Dave's Dad's Cousin, "GiGi." Get that? Dave has lots of wonderful extended family in Plano and it was so fun to see so many of them! Anna really enjoyed drinking from this water bottle all by herself.
Daddy and G
Graham with the other babies, Hayden, Lilly and Abigail.
GiGi had lots of favorites...icecream!
and Animals!
I couldn't find Dave and Anna anywhere and then I looked across this field and saw them with the horses. That's them in the distance:).
G is a snuggler.

The kids could feed them grass right out of their hands.
This is about as close as Anna got. She loved them, but wasn't interested in feeding them!
Anna with the hostess with the mostess, GiGi! (A&G's Great Aunt Linda)
G getting some lovin' from Mearl.
Papa and G. (By the way- I am so glad that both kids will go to anyone these days! Hope that sticks around!)
And now time for the egg hunt! Here are all of the kids lined up ready to go!
And they're off!
Daddy helping guide AL a little.While G and I watched. (Yes, I attach this "Sophie the Giraffe" to G. He loves it and goes most everywhere with us!) More hunting of the 300 eggs!
Showing me the best part. The chocolate!
Awesome weekend!!!


Olson Family said...

I miss ya'll! Graham looks like such a wonderful baby! And Anna is, of course, still such a cutie:)

Sharon said...

LOVE G's Easter "get up" with knee socks and all! Precious!!!! That dress that AL wore is one that I also have for C!! (from that same store there!) I'm so jealous of all of your cousins...but one day we will have some. ha!

Can't wait to see ya'll!!

PS-You look beautiful, love your Easter shirt you had on!

charoaledo said...

I have found your blog surfing through the net and I’m impressed with your beautiful children! This blog will be a wonderful memory for them. And for you! Mine have grown up a little. We also had a party with an egg hunting… we copy American traditions! My 3º one, Jesús already has his own blog; he is a soccer lover and is excited when he receives visits all around the world. Do you want to visit it? Here it is:

Jan said...

Beautiful! Family time--the best!