Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Watkins Lake Trip!

We spent a week with Honey, Papa, my sister Wendi, bro-in-law Nick and their three little bits at the lake. It was heaven on earth! We grew up on the lake. My dad has always been an avid fisherman and a "boat guy" so we spent many days in the summers fishing, skiing, tubing, swimming and just hanging out. We took our two boats and LOTS of stuff and rented a lake house on Cedar Creek Lake that could hold all of us and all of the babies. There were soooo many pics and some are out of order but here is a glimpse of our week...

The house had a great deck where the kids could play and we did LOTS of bubbles! And had many meals out there too.
And lots of good meals inside too:)!
Monkeys jumping on the bed!Honey brought her cool slide and pool!And then Papa put a fish in the pool, which the boys thought was cool, but not so much to the girls:).Dave showing them his big catch. The men with our dinner, literally! We had a fish fry that night with their catch. Way to go men! While the men caught our dinner, the women gathered berries. jk!Lots of fishing.Lots of boating.
Lovin' on Baby Georgia!
Notice Papa's leg a little bruised. Ouch! He pulled his hamstring skiing.
Honey and G
Kisses for AL from her cousins.
Movie time.
Sis with AL smothering Georgia.
Dave with his niece.
Dinner time!
Sisters and kids

Dave wakeboarding.
Wen and Brooks tubing.


Nick and Brooks tubing. (Brooks was the only kiddo to take part in the water sports since he was the oldest. It took a little pleading, but once we got him in, he loved it!)

Me awkwardly wakeboarding. It was my first time and I did not want to fall, although I did a few times:).
My hubby tearin' it up skiing!
Me and Wendi tandum skiing. We had to take it back to the old school days and ski together. And we were a tad sore the next few days after our return to the skis!
We also made a trip to Athens, my mom's hometown. My great Aunt Leta and Uncle Mac still live there and my Aunt Rosie was also visiting. Aunt Rosie even came back to the lake house with us to spend the night. She pulled out her decks of cards for some great games and even had prizes!
Uncle Mac always takes the kids on tractor rides. Brooks and Barrett were in heaven!
And rides in his antique car.

And we stopped by the house where my mom grew up and spent lots of time visiting our Mimi and Poppy.
All of us at lunch.
It was such a fun week spent with my family! Thank you Honey and Papa for being so thoughtful, helpful, selfless, loving and fun!!! It was a week we will never forget and we are ready for a return to Cedar Creek anytime!

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