Monday, March 7, 2011

THREE, How Can That Be?

How can my baby girl be 3?! Where did my newborn baby go?So tiny!A bow head from the beginning.1st Birthday!
Graham's birthday!
Big sis in action. 2nd Birthday!

And now with your new "bob" looking so big! I keep thinking about this post in my head saying, "I have to do my 2 year post for Anna." HELLO!! She isn't 2, she is 3!!! I can't get it through my head she is 3! Why does 3 sound so much older than 2! I am loving this age and all that Anna is doing, learning, saying, singing:) and how she is developing. She is changing so much and becoming such a little girl.
Some things I want to remember about you right now, Anna Louise Hall:
  • We still call you Anna Lou or Lou Lou most of the time.

  • You are sweet to your brother most of the time. If he is upset, you try to be funny or distract him. In public places, I have seen you put your hand on his back and tell other kids, "this is Graham." You make sure Graham is following along or not missing something by saying in your most motherly voice, "Graham, do you see the cows eating the grass?" Like you are his MUCH older and wiser sister taking good care of him.

  • You are a pretty good eater but your favorites are still pizza, fruit, chips and dip and anything sweet! We have implied the 3 bite rule and you are doing great trying new things!

  • You are great sleeper and go to bed around 7:30 and sleep til 7am. You take a 2 hour nap most days.
  • You have grown 4 inches in the last year! I still consider you my petite one! You have a little, compact, muscular body. lucky! You are now in the 45% in height and weight! Growing girl!
  • You are into "performing" a lot lately with singing and dancing in the living room floor. Favorite songs include- ABC's, Bushel and a Peck, R-E-D Red, Cast All Your Cares, Jesus Loves Me, How Great is Our God, songs that go with caroons like Mickey and Cailou and songs from cd's in the car like Psalty, Mickey and Praise Baby.
  • You are using your manners more without being prompted by mom or dad. I wish I had a recording of the way you say, "Can I have a nana momma, Puh-lease!" You use the funny, low voice that cracks us all up!
  • You love to learn! You love to work on letters, numbers, crafts and puzzles. And you love books!
  • You've learned how to stall at bedtime with "More kisses, mores songs" and sometimes we cave!
  • You have still never cried when leaving me for school, church, a friends house or grandparents house. Although you sometimes cry when leaving your grandparents house.
  • You say lots of funny and sweet things and I have no idea where they come from.
"I don't like whales, ants or crocodiles, but I do like pink and purple worms!"
After putting on a thick winter coat, "Ohhh! This is cozy!"
When the window is down in the car, you wave your arm around laughing and saying at the same time, "Go away wind, get outta my hair!"
"Graham, do you want to come play with me in my room?"
When someone has something you like or want to eat too, you say "Anna likes ___ too!!" Always in third person.
When looking at another baby, "Her fingers are so tiny! Isn't she cute?!"
There are lots more quirky things you say, but I am blanking!
  • You are shy at first, but quickly warm up! And watch out when you warm-up!
  • Your teachers love you or at least they tell me that. They claim you obey and do what they ask and are always sweet to the other kids. You love MDO!
  • Your memory is amazing! Lots of sentences start with "Member (remember) mommy...."
  • You love the outdoors! You could swing all day!
  • You love playing all kinds of sports but your favorite right now is soccer. You are very serious as you kick the ball around the backyard or down the hall.
  • You love all things girly- pink, babies, jewelry, flowers, tutus, princesses (Although I don't mind the Disney princess attraction, we are trying to play down the "I am then center of all things" type of princess.)
  • You are more cuddly now than you ever were as a baby and I LOVE IT! Your Daddy loves it too!
Anna Lousie,
You bring so much joy, excitement, entertainment and love to this family! I am blessed to be your mommy! I pray for you daily that you will come to know your true identity is not what you look like or what you do, but in Christ alone. I pray for Mommy and Daddy as we guide, teach and prepare you. Thank you for making our job as parents so much fun and so rewarding! You have been given some spunk, girl, and I pray you use it for His glory! Have a wonderful third year!
I love you, Mama (I love it when you call me that)


The Junods said...

Well I just bawled my eyes out and laughed out loud at that sweet thing. What a little treasure we all have. She is blessed to call you Mama and I'm so thankful to do this thing right along side of you. Great post and pictures. Oh my word, she's changed!

Shannon said...

Such a sweet, tender post Ashley! She has always been so stinking cute and I cannot believe she is 3! Loved all the pictures!