Monday, August 29, 2011

THE season begins...

THE season of all seasons has started around here! That is football season, of course!! Our first real game was Friday night and unfortunately the Lions came up a little short. We love the Coach no matter what!!

Lots of clapping and cheering from this little bit! And you may can see the sweat dripping down her face because it was WARM!

G got off of my lap for a few minutes to eat a snack. He was completely content in my lap for 3 hours straight! It was HOT for his mama, but I was glad he was happy. He was wide-eyed the entire time! You can't see G's cute shirt that Honey got him, but it says D- and a picture of a fence! We love all of the Lions but especially cheer for the DEFENSE in this house!

Sunday morning Daddy ran to get donuts with Anna and we enjoyed them back at home! Daddy is working seven days a week and very long hours but he is making the most with every moment at home. We love Coach Hall and the McKinney Lions!!

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