Monday, October 17, 2011

MHS Homecoming!

A few weeks ago (I am WAY behind on blogging!) we had homecoming at MHS! Anna loved wearing her mum like the big girls. Daddy brought it home last year the week of Homecoming because our sweet head coach's mother made them for all of the coach's daughters. I put it in the back of the closet all year and pulled it out for this year's game. She told everyone her daddy gave it to her. We would love for daddy to be the only man that gives her a mum every year, for the rest of her life, ha! Saturday was a fun parade and carnival. We dressed in our Baylor gear since the Bears had a big game that night. Here they are doing the "Heeeeeeey....Sic Em Bears!"
Anna's favorite part of the carnival was the horse ride.

G was too small for the activites but enjoyed snack in the stroller.

(All phone pics)

Anna and her buddy Ty watching the parade.

Graham was glued to my lap because of the firetruck and police car sirens but he loved it too!

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