Wednesday, January 16, 2013

MHS Banquet

We went to the MHS football banquet a few nights ago.  I really do always love celebrating our season with a banquet.  This is now the 9th banquet I have gone to with Dave. They didn't start out so well.  I remember our first when we were "just friends" as I thought, it lasted 4 1/2 hours and I was breaking out in hives from a reaction to an antibiotic. Banquets have been much better since then. They aren't quite as long, I haven't gotten hives since and it's fun celebrating our team, the boosters and the coaches. These are some extraordinary iPhone pics.      

Such a sad excuse for a picture, but proud Dave always has a way with words speaking about his boys.

Got to love those sweet kids that show their appreciation for the unsung heroes, their coaches.
 And those awesome parents that tell your husband how much he means to their family. 
We had a great season! We were quite the underdog going into this year but ended up 5-5 and one win away from the playoffs.  Very proud of how hard the coaches and players worked to get those five wins!  Lots of highlights from our season, but one of my favorites came after the season was over. There is a boy on our team who I know a lot about because one, he is great athlete, and two, he has not always made the best choices in behavior.  My husband and other coaches have poured into this kid through good and bad days, because that is what great coaches do. They love on the unlovable. It's easy to coach the well-behaved, hard-working, respectful kids, but the tough ones, that takes something more.  The point is...a few weeks ago this same kid called Coach Hall aside to tell him he had asked Jesus into his heart the night before. awesome.   I love that he wasn't too prideful or embarrassed, and that he knew Coach Hall would be so excited.  Just a memorable moment that we will not forget. What an impact a coach or teacher can make.

It was a great night celebrating the Lions! 


The Junods said...

I have tears streaming down my face like that football player is my nephew. That's for the highlight film for sure! So proud of Dave and so thankful he's our's. Also know he couldn't do his job without the unconditional support of his wife. Team Hall for sure!! Love you!

Kelli Smith said...

love this Ash! One of my favorite moments from the season was also a spiritual one...after a big victory (I think we'd won our 3rd straight), Jeff was huddled with the team/coaches and spoke of one of the players' grandma passing away earlier in the day, and that we needed to pray for their family - one of the players quickly raised his hand and said, "Coach, I'll pray and then asked the team to surround the player, grab hands, and he cried out to Jesus to please comfort the family in their time of mourning- I had chills... it was awesome. It wasn't about the win that night, it was about being a family, reaching out to God to comfort their hurting teammate.These are the moments that make it all worth it-so thankful to be on this journey with ya'll... Coaches certainly have an opportunity to make an a positive impact - kingdom work! :)