Sunday, August 17, 2014

Family Camp!

I don't have the words to describe Pine Cove Family Camp. It was the best vacation we have ever taken! It was exciting, fun, relaxing, challenging, adventurous, peaceful, encouraging and such a sweet, sweet time for our family of five.
 They passed out root beer when you rolled in.
 The rock-solid, pretty much incredible counselors that welcomed us.

 Our kids faces looked like this all week!
 And they were loved on so much!
 We had awesome family time.
 Medieval Theme Night.

 These are all phone pics bc it was easiest to carry. Adults got to do this awesome barn swing.

 Absurdely Nerdy Theme Night. 
 Dave got called on stage to play a game. Of course he did.

 So many fun games around camp to play.
 Rock throwing.
 One of our favorite experience of camp was seeing our kids blossom. They rode their bikes on these trails all day long with and without us. They rode around camp like they owned the place. That's what most of the kids did and ours jumped right in. They didn't miss us one bit when they went with their counselors to do awesome stuff all day!

 We did the slide and the blob. Daddy did the trapeze and did a double (actually 1 1/2 ouch) flip. Anything to make his babies smile.
 Late afternoon pool time with a couple of trips to the snack bar. 

 Such a beautiful camp.
 It's a dark pic, but spending the 4th of July at camp was awesome!
 Our sweet family counselor all week, "Style." They all have nicknames.
 "Style" was also AL's small group counselor and they bragged on them the last day.
 Our final night was one big party!
 Dancing queens.

 Color War!

 We topped off our week and our 4th of July watching fireworks over the water. 
 And then headed back to our sweet, special cabin.
 There were always willing helpers to play with B.
 Amazing college kids that rocked our world! They served, loved and encouraged our family for seven days! I need some serious conversations with their parents about how to raise kids like these!!
 B was sad, camp was ending.
 G had so many sweet counselors!
 The trip home consisted of three sleeping children and reflection on our amazing week.
We did so much more that I don't have pics of because most of the time I wasn't thinking about it. We truly enjoyed each day!!  Family Camp also gave Daddy and I tons of quality time. We heard amazing teaching, got to go on so many new, awesome adventures and had tons of free time. Not to mention that we devoured 20 amazing meals that I did not prepare, serve or clean-up!! We were beyond blessed by the staff of PC and amazing families we met. It's been over a month since we have been home and our kids still talk about it daily! PC made a huge impact on the Hall Family and we will see you in 2015!! Thank you Lord, for places like Pine Cove Crier Creek.

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