Thursday, June 25, 2009

The past few weeks have been busy. We have had some great time with lots of family! I think some of this is out of order and some pictures are really random, but thought I would post them all together anyways.
AL excited to see the planes at the Amarillo airport before we headed home.
Dave picked us up at the airport in Dallas and we headed straight to the lake to spend time with Dave's Dad's VERY large family for the day! It was super hot and humid. Check out AL's hair!On a fun little boat, one of many toys at the lake. Anna seems to be having a blast!Papa and ALI picked up my parents and my nephews, Brooks and Barrett, at the airport after the flew in from Italy. Wendi and Nick stayed in Italy another week for vacay while the boys headed to Honey and Papa's house for a week. Must be something great on tv.
Happy Father's Day Dave! You're the best! We love you!! Ash, Anna Lou and Baby Boy Hall
Happy Fathers Day Papa! You are the best, too! We love you!!
Trying to get her to wear her bow like this.
Doesn't take long for this to happen.
Got a slurpee with Dad.
Mimi came in for a few days and treated us to some great meals and had some quality time with AL while I went to Bible study, dr. appt, etc. Thanks Mimi!!
Lots of pool time for all of the monkeys. It's too hot to do anything else outside!
Honey getting love from Brooks and Anna.
Brooks is so sweet and gentle with Anna. (A little different than how he handles his little bro!)

Barrett is a little heart throb too like Brooks and loves to play with AL.
Papa with Barrett and AL.
How about some tunes?

These are just a few highlights of the beginning of our summer. Good times!!


Katy said...

Hi Ashley! Love all those little Watkins cousins pics! :) AnnMarie has that same plaid bathing suit. so cute. So do you have a name for baby boy yet?? hehe

robert and kelley said...

soo fun!! we need to get together this summer =)