Saturday, October 24, 2009

Graham with friends and fam...

Once again these pics are completely out of order, but oh well!!

My sweet sister flew across the globe from the Middle East to spend the week with us. (And she is 14 weeks prego herself if you didn't know already!!) She slept on the couch and was the 2 extra hands I needed! Precious time for all of us!

Sarah and Harper came to play.
Graham's great-great- aunt Rosie.

Honey and G
Anna Lou having fun in the tub.

Julie and David brought treats for Graham and Anna! So thoughtful!

Janet and Kate came to visit.

Emerson Ramsey and Graham...buddies already!
Amanda and her sweet family came by.

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Pels Family Updates said...

OMG you look fantastic and Graham is just the most perfect baby in the whole wide world!!!!! Congrats!!!!!