Monday, October 26, 2009

Birthdays, Birthdays, Birthdays...

October is a busy month for birthdays in our family!!
Oct. 2nd- Brooks (our nephew)
Oct. 14th- Graham
Oct. 16th- Dave
Oct. 18th- Papa (Dave's dad)
Oct. 20th- me
Oct. 28th- Wendi
I absolutely love the fall and birthdays make it even better!!
Here are a few pics from a few celebrations recently.
Dave's 30th birthday was the day we came home from the hopsital with Graham. A bunch of Dave's family was in town for Graham's birth, our birthdays and the Texas/OU game.
Us with Scott and Hannah. Friday night, obviously, Dave had a football game to coach. All of his family was headed to the game to root on the Wildcats. I could not stand missing the game, especially since it was Dave's 30th bday!! So my mom and I loaded up Anna and Graham and headed to the game. Don't worry! I didnt take my 2 day old baby into the game. Honey graciously stayed in the car with him while Anna I ran into the game for about a quarter. Dave was so surprised to see us! I was so glad we went!!

Supporters for Dave and the Wildcats!
The awesome cheerleaders made this cute sign for the game!!
"Happy 30th Birthday Coach Hall! Congrats on Baby Graham!"
Saturday night we celebrated Dave's 30th with a family dinner at home. I knew a long time ago that I could not throw Dave a typical 30th birthday party. He works until about 7 pm on Saturday and is always exhausted by the time Saturday night comes around, so I knew a party would not be the best idea. Instead, back in the summer I made a new plan. I asked all of our family to chip in for a little trip for Dave and I instead of giving us birthday presents. I gave him clues to open to explain the gift. The clues were pictures of...
1. a dallas cowboys star
2. an airplane
3. an action shot of Jason Whitten and a Washington Redskins player from a game last year
4. Capital building decorated for Christmas
As I am sure you can figure out, we are taking a weekend trip to Washinton D.C. the day after Christmas to watch the Cowboys play the Redskins.
As you can see, Dave was soooooo excited!!
A HUGE thank you to our wonderful families for helping us take this fun trip for two!! We cannot wait!!
A few days later was my birthday. Wendi was in town which was the greatest present ever! She picked up a yummy lunch and celebrity cookies which Anna thoroughly enjoyed!

We also enjoyed some BJ's pizza and ice cream cake for dinner and dessert!! Yum!
My two munckins made it the best birthday yet!!


The Drama Mama said...

WOW, that is a very busy month! Happy birthday to you and Dave (and sweet Graham!) ;) You are so blessed with such a beautiful family, Ashley! HUGS!!

The Junods said...

Great post! I didn't see all those pics when I was there! Those are awesome and Dave's expression is priceless! Can't wait for yall to get away! What a great trip and treat!!

Katy said...

SO creative, Ash!!! What a fun time y'all will have!!!!! And---I am really missing Celebrity!! :)

Jan said...

Yay, the surprise is out! Now will you please rest? Go back to bed when Anna goes to school!
Your Watkins Woman speaking here!

Amy E. said...

Congratulations!! Graham is beautiful!! And Happy Belated Birthday to you both!