Saturday, November 21, 2009

Ode to my coach...

As of last Friday night our football season has come to an end. The Wildcats lost a heartbreaker to state ranked John Tyler 53-46! It was a shootout with two powerful teams! Last nights game was what high school football in Texas is all about. Like everyone says, there is nothing like Friday night football in Texas!! As dissapointed as we were with the loss, I can't help but be grateful for another successful season. We are blessed to be apart of a coaching staff, school and community that is extraordinary. This season will always be memorable with the birth of Graham. Graham has already been broken into this crazy life by attending every game since he was born. He spent a few in the car with Honey, but the past 3 weeks, he joined us in the stands snuggled up in my Moby Wrap. (ps- a must for all new moms.) And Anna Lou LOVES going to the games too. She proudly answers "Bootball" when asked where daddy is. And she is right! He is always at "Bootball!"

As challenging as it is sometimes to loose my husband from August til November , I am so proud to be Coach Hall's wife! I knew what I was getting into growing up with a dad as a coach., but my respect for these men has grown immensely over the past few years. You never know what it is really like unless the man in your house is a coach. And my fellow coach's wife friends totally understand! By the way- I am BLESSED with some amazing friends who also loose their hubby in the fall to high school boys!

BUT...I would not choose any other life! I love that my husband is a hardworking, passionate, character building, rear slapping:) COACH! And when I say passionate, I mean passionate! You will never see a man work so hard and put so much into every single day of work! My hubby, along with some other great men are influencing these teenage boys everyday! I know they don't always see it and often are frustrated that they aren't getting through to these kids, but they are! They are planting seeds and making a lifelong impression on them. They are teaching them much more than athletics! I always felt this way growing up about my dad and now I feel the same about my husband. I am willing to share the men in my life because I know so many high school boys need them too! What lucky kids to get to spend everyday with these remarkable men too!


shannonmichaelis said...

Girl, go see Blind SIde. It so reminds me of the football world and people like you that live it!

Hunter, Amanda, Hudson and Maddie said...

I am sitting here crying! Such a sweet post. You are such a wonderful, supportive wife! I'm so glad Dave had a great season. I know you are so glad to have him home! Love you tons!