Thursday, June 23, 2011

Swimming for donuts!

We have been talking about swim lessons for a while now and finally the big day arrived! There was lots of excitement until the actual morning of. Anna Lou woke up a few times during the night, which is very uncharacteristic. I thought maybe she was thinking about it too much and getting nervous. She was somewhat of a zombie that morning but we got our suite and towel and headed off. Here she is faking a lovely smile before we left. G wasn't participating but was in a chipper mood and you can see the mood AL was in!
The first few days at drop off caused some tears and
"please don't leave me, Mommy!" Which broke Mommy's heart!
The teacher advised us to leave and I knew that would be best. I was encouraged to know the crying would stop almost immediately and she did fine throughout the class. After the first day of class, the zombie Anna Lou returned and the rest of the day was spent on the couch and with zero appetite. During the night she proceeded to "toss her cookies" twice. ewww! I could tell she was so uncomfortable and her stomach was very crampy. My poor little zombie! The next morning she seemed better and by golly, we were going to get our moneys worth for those swim lesssons! ha! I know, mean mom! But she really did seem better so we went. Still a few tears at drop off but there was progress. Day 3 was presented with "if you do not cry at all at swim lessons, you can get a special treat." Which was proceeded by Anna Lou answering "A donut?!" Ok, sure! Still had a little zombie going on, but I figured it was the nerves. Day 3 unfortunately did have a couple of tears again at drop off. I felt so bad thinking that her poor little tummy hurt and mean mommy was making her go swim again! I was soooo about to cave and get the donut that she immediatly asked for when I picked her up, but I reminded her she did cry a little so we would try again tomorrow. We did, however, have some ice cream after lunch for swimming so good. (Not yay me for sticking to my guns, because many times, I don't. But glad I did this time.) Day 4, the last day of the 1st week was today and went AWESOME!!! I could tell before we even left the house it was going to be good. She seemed to be over this tummy bug and had more energy and told me and several times "I am not gonna cry and I am gonna get a donut!" Sweet Ms. Lindsay, her teacher was also greeted with this claim. As soon as we got to Ms. Lindsay's she got in the pool and sat on the step waiting to start. I left again but came back early to get some pics and let her "perform for me." I was so impressed with what Ms. Lindsay had taught them in 4 days. We will be out of town next week, so our second week of lessons will be after that. I am excited to see what the second week brings. Yay Anna Lou for being brave and beginning to learn to swim! So proud of you!!
Her buddy Harper!

That is her little head popping up after grabbing the toy off of the bottom.

Ms. Lindsay stepping back and making AL go a little further.

Working on a little kicking.

Sweet thang got her donut!! Even if it was for lunch since it was noon!

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She had her eye on the prize...way to go AL!