Thursday, June 9, 2011

We Love the Kampens!!

I accidentall hit "Publish" on this post, so if it showed up on your google reader, half done, oops! This is the full thing!

We are very sad that the Kampen Family is moving a little south to Austin next week! It is something they have prayed for a long time because of Jeremy's job but secretly we were praying against it! Ha! JK! Lindsay and I actually met 11 years ago pledging Pi Phi together at BU. We didn't really get to know eachother until we ended up at church together in the same stage of being young marrieds and having babies! I am SO thankful for these past few years of being blessed by HER!! Her sweet children are close to AL and G's ages and so we always are dealing with the same stuff. She is such a dear friend and I will miss seeing her multiple times a week so much!! I know Austin will be a new chapter and a new adventure for the Kampen Family, and will bring new challenges with getting settled there. We are praying for you as you adjust to that weird city. :) Love you guys!! Austin is a lucky place!!

We helped throw them a going away party this weekend.

Me and Linds and cute Kiki! We did it up fancy with pizza and desserts:)
Thanks to the McCords for offering their home and letting the kids destroy their backyard.

Husbands. Sorry Honey, mid-bite.

So sorry that the honoree is blurry!

I think I caught cute Conner Kampen by surprise!
The best pic I could get of these little missys.

We've been soaking up playdates and dinners with Lindsay for the past few weeks.

Great friends!

Love y'all and can't wait to come visit Austin!!!


Kampen Family said...

Ashley! I'm just now blog stalking after being absent for a few weeks and you made me cry with this post! Thank you for your sweet words and for the wonderful going away party. I have LOVED reconnecting with you. You are such a precious friend and I am going to miss you. But please, please, please make a trip to Austin! We would love for y'all to come stay with us and see the sites of our new home. Thank you again for everything! Love you sweet friend!

amanda k. brown said...

yay! so excited to give you ANOTHER reason to come to austin. :)