Sunday, July 24, 2011


My parents bought a new lake toy called the Easy Ski. It is for little kids who aren't strong enough or coordinated enough to ski. It inflates, has two places for your feet and a handle bar. The rope is attached to the Easy Ski and an adult holds the other end in the boat. It gives the kids a feel of what skiing is like without all of the pull on their body. It was a hit!

Barrett was a champ! With a little coaxing/trickery from Dad and Dave, Anna took it for a spin. She wasn't too fired up to try it at first but once she got going, she LOVED it!!

Brooks is turnging into a little dare devil and insisted on doing it backwards.
So much fun! Thanks Mom and Dad for the new toy! Hope to get in a few more lake trips before football season!

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Kendra said...

Um, so cool! Definintely going to have to tell my parent's about this one...or get one ourselves for Miss Macie in not too long. How neat!